Animal Flow

What is Animal Flow?


ANIMAL FLOW is an innovative fitness program that combines quadrupedal & ground based movement with elements from various Bodyweight training principles (eg. Martial Arts, Pilates & Yoga) to create fun, challenging workouts, emphasizing Multi-Planer, fluid movement.

ANIMAL FLOW is bodyweight training based, using closed-chain exercises to achieve its goals. It emphasizesMulti-Planer and Functional movement focused on anatomical chains and slings. As it is a closed chain exercises it means that limbs connect to the ground or other immovable objects in a constant fixed position & resistance is created by pushing agains’t it moving the body rather than an object.

Why Choose Animal Flow?

One of the main goals in Animal Flow is to improve the connection and communication of the Human Animal. One of the best ways to do that is by going on all 4’s, hands and feet in contact with the ground, and challenging you to workout a range of ‘movement puzzles’ which are Animal Flow movements.

It emphasizes MULTI-PLANER and FUNCTIONAL movement focused on anatomical chains and slings. The lack of training in the transverse plane can lead to more injuries, resulting from rotations & or pattern overload, making it even more important to pay more attention to this area.

By involving all the major muscle groups, multi-planer training provides a balanced training approach that helps increase overall function & decreases the risk of injury.

Who is it suitable for?


ANIMAL FLOW challenges your entire body at once working multiple muscles and joints. No matter what sport or fitness goals, AF will improve your Mobility, Strength, Endurance and Power.

It is suitable for people at all levels of fitness, Individual Athletes to team sports to Kids and Teens. Its a great way to engage kids and teens of all ages in movement they’ll enjoy and love. Animal flow can be regressed or progressed for various fitness levels so is practically for everyone.

ANIMAL FLOW is made up of “THE SIX COMPONENTS”, a range of movements that are grouped into the following categories:

Wrist Mobilizations

The first of the 6 components are Wrist mobilizations. They are simple movements made to prepare the wrists and hands for the challenges of Animal Flow.

Form Specific Stretches

Full Body Stretches that start in Animal Form and move through a range of motion increasing the mobility and flexibility throughout the entire flow using TRI PLANER MOVES.


ANIMAL FLOW practice uses to activation positions, Beast and Crab which are set up positions or forms in the overall program. Activations are used as a way to bring conscious awareness to your body and its interaction with the ground.

Travelling Forms

These are exercises that mimic the movements of animals. You’ll start with ABC’s – APE, BEAST and CRAB & progress to BEAR, LEOPARD & CROCODILE. The traveling forms are essentially how we move like animals to improve the function of the HUMAN animal.

Switches & Transitions

S&T are dynamic movements that we perform to make the “FLOW”. When integrated into a strength program, the S&T moves are great for breaking up redundant patterns, encouraging the exerciser to work through more multiple planes of motion. This cuts down potential injuries that could be brought on by pattern overload.


are sequences where AF movements are linked together to create a continuos flow of movement. It is encouraged to learn each individual move and then create the flow. Its an amazing workout and can be used as your complete workout or integrate it into your training for whatever sport you choose.