“Una introduced me to Pilates and to this day – there is no one that can compare to her level of teaching or passion. Her incredible knowledge and her amazing sense of fun make Pilates so engaging.

Unfortunately she moved out of Dublin a few years back and is finding it more difficult to commute to Dublin from Athlone.

I still wish I could learn from her everyday!”

John Kearney

“I was apprehensive about starting Pilates because I didn’t know what to expect. However, I needn’t have worried because Una put me at ease and took me through the initial exercises with lots of care and attention. I had previously attended a class in a gym but nobody seemed to care if you doing the exercise correct or not. She took the time to answer all my questions so I left feeling really confident and excited about my next session. Una has since left Dublin to move to Athlone and I wish her all the best in the future.”

Peter Barrett , 61

“I have been involved in competitive sports all my life and played rugby with my local team here in Dublin. After months of training for a Triathlon… my knee and groin started giving problems which resulted in me having to stop running etc for many months. I was seeing a physiotherapist whom advised me to take up Pilates. At first to be honest I thought it was only for the opposite sex and was a bit apprehensive but he assured me it wasn’t and recommended Una to me. I had no idea it could be so challenging and how little core strength I had not to mention my flexibility. I became addicted and Una introduced me to the foam roller which I swear by and within weeks I was back into my training again. I attended classes with Una for over 2 years and she encouraged me to train to be a Pilates Instructor, as my dedication and belief in Pilates is so great. I’m now doing my intermediate exams and thank Una so much for all her advise and help over the years.”

Brian Mc A, 35

I started Pilates in 2012 because my back was in a chronic state due ill health.  I couldn’t stand upright and I had difficulty even putting on a seat belt.  I heard that Una wouldn’t mind me joining the beginner’s class, even though it was all ladies.  Admittedly, I was very self-conscious at the start, but I soon realised that every one of us were on the same journey and that the members were very supportive. A men’s class commenced a year later and the same sense of camaraderie continued.There is also a social activity twice a year which enhances the classes. There are others in our class who have hip, knee, neck, and back conditions.  At the start there were many exercises some of us couldn’t do because we had to build up to them.  However Una keeps an eye on us to ensure that we don’t do anything that could cause harm, or exacerbate our individual conditions.  I feel safe in Una’s classes. Today I can stand upright and my posture has improved tremendously. As long as Una is giving Pilates classes, I will be signed up.

Joe 0‘Brien


I thoroughly recommend Pilates during pregnancy. Practising Pilates during pregnancy helped with the birth and has strengthened my Pelvic Floor to assist life postpartum.

Yvonne C

‘My one-to-one Pilates sessions have resolved my pelvic floor post pregnancy problems.’ Thanks, Una

Julie Shortt

I suffered Diastasis Recti ( separation of Tummy muscles) after the birth of my little boy. It is very common but unfortunately we are not warned enough about it and how important it is to rectify this problem before getting into normal exercises, sit ups etc. I had very little knowledge about DR until a friend introduced me to Post Pregnancy Pilates with Una. She explained thoroughly about this problem and why it occurs in some women. After a few 121 sessions with her, I joined her post natal class which I really enjoyed and recommend to anybody who suffers from DR.

Ciara Mc Manus

I’ve been doing Pilates classes with Una for over 4 years now and constantly recommend her. I suffered with knee problems before starting and my fitness level was none existent but Una’s approach to teaching the correct basic techniques and building from there made sure I was getting more out of her classes. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my all-round strength, flexibility and posture. I would highly recommend Pilates to anyone! So join now a class now and see what fun you can have!!!

Joan Connaughton

I have been attending Pilates classes for the last three years with Una. From day one Una focused on a safe approach while ensuring we understand the importance of correct posture alignment. Although Una’s class is challenging, it is also a lot of fun. She strives to ensure that we are all progressing week on week within our own abilities. Classes vary from week to week ensuring we are working all areas of our bodies and not getting bored with the classes. I find Una has a very friendly approach while still motivating us to continuously improve. I have learned so much from attending Pilates classes and really feel the benefits. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pilates to anyone or recommending Una as an instructor.

Denise Martin

I started Pilates in 2013 with Instructor, Una Brady.  I knew very little about Pilates but Una’s classes were taking place locally and there had been a huge interest in the classes with extremely positive feedback from participants generally. I work full time in an office environment and would spend approximately 5 hours daily on my computer.  My posture was never perfect but, over the years, same had become progressively worse. Prior to commencing Pilates, I had attended a Physiotherapist for treatment who confirmed that my neck and shoulder issues were work related. I have been going to Una now for approximately three years and love every single minute of it. On commencing the class with Una, I made her aware of my problems with my neck and shoulders and she gave me a quick assessment on what aspect of Pilates would work for me and what to avoid in each session There’s no “one size fits all” with Una. The classes involve a series of exercises, which Una teaches extremely well and with enough repetition that I really know what I was doing when I finish the class. Una supplies 99% of the equipment required and introduces new elements to her class on a regular basis which keeps things interesting!  Una looks after everyone in the class and deals with their individual needs  and  no one feels judged for any short comings they may think they have.  She got me into shape, improved my posture and helped eliminate my neck and shoulder  roblems in just a few months.   Una is someone who truly enjoys and has a passion for sharing her Pilates knowledge and cares for your well-being. There is also a lovely social aspect to the class also in that we have Christmas and summer nights out which we all really enjoy!  I would recommend Una’s Pilates Class in a heartbeat.

Marie C.

‘I have always had back problems, even when growing up, but in the last few years the pain had become excruciating. I now practice Pilates everyday and the difference to my posture and the reduction of pain is profound. If there are any men out there that think Pilates is for girls, I’d think again!! Totally addicted’

Sean F

I am now in my fourth year of Pilates with Una and really enjoy it. The classes are fun while working hard at the same time, always varied and challenging and never boring. Because I cycle a lot my core needs to be strong to prevent back pain and the Pilates definitely works in this regard. Keep up the good work Una!

Aedine Cooper