Pilates For Men

“Real Men Do Pilates”

Men are sometimes put off Pilates because they believe it to be “a women thing” but they couldn’t be more wrong. Pilates was developed by a man for men for a start.

If you think it is just about rolling around on the floor with the occasional stretch, performed mainly by women, think again. If you think it is easy, think again. IT IS NOT FOR SISSIES!. Pilates work both sexes equally. It is very hard to do correctly as is demanding on your entire body & mind. Precision & Concentration being two of the six Pilates Principles.

Some men come reluctant at the beginning as they have probably been pushed by their wife or partner but the majority end up loving it. Most of them are totally committed and cannot believe the benefits. They might well moan about it but they keep coming back! I now have a mens only class in my locality and I love to see them progressing with each class. If its good enough for The Irish Rugby Team and David Beckham….. The physical contribution Pilates plays in increasing the body’s form in these sports has brought many a manly man back to Pilates.