Pilates For Athletes

No matter what your sport, you can benefit by introducing Pilates to your training. Improve your flexibility, strength and balance and improve your agility and overall performance. Pilates works to improve functional movement, to speed up post match recovery and prevent injuries.

During the 2012 Olympics, so many athletes from all different disciplines told of how they included Pilates as part of their training regime. Now all the international rugby teams include Pilates in their training programs, as do the international tennis players, golfers, swimmers.., and here in Ireland many of our County football & hurling teams. It isn’t just about sorting out that lower back pain or improving your posture, although that will happen. It is about developing an all over body strength without bulking up. It is about identifying all the different areas that may be weak or less mobile and improving them. With Pilates in your weekly program, you can continue in your favorite sport a lot longer, and see how your body improves and ages far more slowly. FACT.