About mepic1s

• Progressive Pilates Academy Advanced Mat Level 3/ CYQ( Cental YMCA Qualified) Pilates Instructor.

• The Progressive Pilates Academy Pre & Post Natal Specialist

• The Grid – Trigger Point Therapy Certification

• Pilates for Men Certified

• Trained & qualified to teach small props: Roller / Circles / Softball / Therabands/Tubes/Physio Ball / small weights.

• C.I.B.T.A.C (HONS) Qualified in Swedish Full Body Massage Therapy 2002

My Pilates journey started when traditional medicine and treatments failed to relieve debilitating lower back pain from (Spondylolisthesis) & years of wear and tear as a result of running, high jumping, mountain biking and a variety of sports as a child. I discovered Pilates and was immediately hooked.

After five years of being a student, I decided to do what I love, and began to train as an instructor. Initially training in and teaching all levels of mat work. I have been teaching for many years and love to share the benefits of Pilates with my clients.

Having being involved in sports throughout my life, I believe in the importance of Pilates for everyone involved in sports to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Pilates will improve whole body strength, balance and agility.

I also credit Pilates with a pregnancy free from low back and hip pain and quick recovery following diastasis recti(separation of the rectus abdominus, your 6 pack muscle) a common condition for many women. I love to help others who suffer from similar problems as it is vital to exercise correctly postpartum.

I regularly attend workshops, seminars, webinars, courses and study, research and practice as your learning only begins after you qualify.

I love my job! I feel really lucky to be doing something that I passionately & completely believe in and really enjoy!